A 19th century chapel in the Historic Center of Porto

The Concept

This wine bar is located in a chapel that has not celebrated Catholic rituals for over 50 years. A 19th century chapel, built by the 1st Viscount of Vilarinho de São Romão. Coincidences of coincidences, the viscount was an expert in agriculture and viticulture, he wrote several books about... wines.

Capela Incomum is a wine bar with wine by the glass or bottle, but they also serve cheese and sausage boards, toast and other snacks. All wines have a tasting guide that explains how to taste and smell, analyze the color and characteristics of each one.

Francisca Lobão, mentor of the project, even worked for the Vinho Verde Region Viticulture Commission, wanted a space for her interior designer studio, but when she discovered the space… it changed her life and that of the chapel.

The chapel maintains the dark wooden altarpiece of the old altar; stained wood ceiling; an old pulpit. On the walls, images of the saints were replaced by photos of grape vines and grape makers.

The Chapel is close to Rua Miguel Bombarda (called Rua das Galerias, a street full of movement, entertainment and a lot of culture), Rua de Cedofeita and also Jardim do Carregal.

Single Concept

In its menu, this space has carefully selected wines, by the glass and bottle, from the most diverse producing regions in Portugal, with a special focus on the Douro and Minho areas.

Bar de Vinhos no Porto

Wine bar from various regions of the country

Bar de petiscos, queijos e enchidos no Porto

Snacks, cheeses & sausages

Noites de fado no Porto

Wine tasting
and Fado nights